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The Den

Call me Akela

The Wolfkin
28 March 1983
Who am i? I was asking you!

OK I'm actually gonna say something here for who knows why.

I'm a jamaican born in canada like more than you'd think. I'd like to be a computer geek one day but I just don't have time. I'm more like what a computer geek is before it grows up. The same applies to anime.

I think most people love their pets to a rediculous extent but hey I'm no different. My pets however are girls. I love girls greatest thing ever created on God's green earth. They don't belong to me. I belong to them. I tend to them when I can. Do as they wish. I live for my girls and would probably die for 'em in a heartbeat.

I don't drink, smoke or curse. I only have sex with my wife and my girlfriend now. I am the proverbial nice guy and I DO finish last. It sucks but I can be who I am no more no less.

I don't care if you add me because unless you comment, I'm not going to notice. however a lot of my entries are filtered. lemme know and you can join my strangers filter. you get to read entries to private for anyone i know to read.

Try me on AIM I'm never on the others
Updated Feb/05

4725-1444-9418 Metroid Prime:Hunters